View Full Version : Self Control...or ?

06-12-2003, 09:03 AM
At the end of every school year...the kids start getting louder and pushing more buttons.

A fellow veteran teacher smiled and gave me this gem:

"Either you will show self control OR... someone will control you."

I thought about it...and that fits so many elements of life!

I had a semi-dysfunctional group of 5 African American boys who were so eager to posture,..bash..sneer...interrupt etc. Not boldly evil (that was hiding just under the surface).

I gave them that line and said.."Why are our prison's full?" (pause)
Lack of self control: drugs, feuds, gangs, jealousy, revenge--all rooted in self control. (and the lack thereof)

Those that HAVE it--they can progress, work independently, follow directions and thus contribute to society.

Look at the million dollar mess we went through for 8 years because a "leader" lacked self control.

Give it a try on an adolescent...:rolleyes: