View Full Version : Child Protective Services??

09-09-2002, 01:19 PM
Recently I had to go through CPS for my daughters concerning things that go on when they are with their father.

I called on a Thurs. morning (bright and early) and it took till this past Wed. afternoon to get a response. Now I have called to get a copy of the work they have supposedly done on the case and they say I am not allowed with that information. Come on these are my kids!!!!! The lady informs me that what they do is not released to me. I asked them to put that in writing along with why I'm not allowed to information pretaining to my kids. As I figured, she said she would be "unable" to do that.

The CPS told me to not allow my ex to have his visitation till after the investigation but, when asked to send me a paper stating this, I was once again informed, she was "unable" to do this. I then decide to talk to a Magistrate who informs me they can not do anything for me without a paper from CPS stating they feel visitation should withheld till further notice, or unless the kids are immediate danger!! SInce the children are with me, they are not considered in immediate danger.

I am now waiting on a lawyer to call me back, the state police to talk to my children and what should have been taken care of in a few simple phone calls is going to cost me precious time. After all this, WHAT IS THE POINT OF CPS????

09-11-2002, 01:54 PM

I hope this gets better for you before things get worse. It is sad that CPS isn't doing there job. This only makes things tougher on the children involved.