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  1. Sights from Yellowstone National Park

    I've been kicking around the idea of going back to Yellowstone National Park for the summer. I spent 3 months there in 2012. I'd like to go back for 1 more extended summer stay. The place is amazing. Lots of incredible sights. Tons of wildlife. Cool temperatures all summer long.





    205417_454891381206659_1208425060_n.jpg ...
  2. Cruise ship menu

    Here are some of the dinner meals I ate recently on a 12 day New England and Canada cruise on the Cunard Queen Mary 2. I don't recall all the desserts. Some nights I got a 2nd appetizer instead of a salad. The food was well prepared. The menu was innovative although not every dish was exceptional. This was a great time for a foodie to try a lot of different items.

    The next to last day we got a tour of the galley. It was quite impressive. The kitchen was spotless. They have ...
  3. Fishing the bay from shore

    There are plenty of places to fish locally for salt water species. A few places are very popular. Both Calvert and St. Mary's counties have public piers. The nice thing about piers is that they allow you to get out in a little deeper water. You can also just fish from shore and make longer casts. The best part about piers is that they usually bug free.

    Croaker, Norfolk spot, red drum, flounder, mackerel and bluefish are all found in local waters. You can also hook the occasional ...
  4. Bass & soft plastics

    There are 2 main bass species in Maryland. Largemouth bass and Smallmouth bass. Other bass include a Kentucky spotted bass and a Shoal bass. The largemouth bass had 2 sub species. There is the Northern bass and the Florida bass. Each strain of bass has unique characteristics. The Florida strain bass grows the largest. The northern strain bass is more aggressive.

    In Maryland, during the summer, a good way to entice bass to bite is by using soft plastics. Either a worm or lizard ...
    Tags: bass, worms
  5. Southern Maryland fishing

    There are few things I'd rather do than fish. I got hooked(pun intended) many years ago. I wasn't very skilled but I somehow managed to persevere. Around 11 years old I got to fish a lake that was full of fish. They were easy to catch. Just pull a moth off of a tree, toss it in the water, wait about 30 seconds and a fat bluegill would inhale the bait. It was lots of fun and kept me entertained for hours.

    Fast forward a few decades. I've been fortunate enough to have fished in ...
    Tags: bay, fishing, rockfish
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