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  1. Looking back, I had an amazing childhood

    The thread about life's turning point got thinking.

    I grew up in the 1960s. Became a moody teen in the 1970s. Looking back, what a great time to be a kid & a teen.

    I was a freshman in high school. We still had junior highs back then. I just became a starter on the freshman wrestling team. A few of the older kids in the neighborhood decided to plan a camping trip. 3 kids lived down the street but went to a different high school. They invited 2 of their classmates ...
  2. I'm not really sure I know who I am - Part II

    OK, so where was I? Oh yes, writing about Alaskan adventures.

    Alaska permeates your soul. At least it did for me. I immersed myself in everything
    Alaska. But I was never there in all 4 seasons. I'd love a chance to experience
    an entire winter in the 49th state.

    When I returned from my leave of absence, I was informed that my job had been filled and they would no longer require my assistance. For many that would be a crushing experience. For me it was a signal ...
  3. I'm not really sure I know who I am

    I'm not really sure I know who I am

    I've lead an interesting life in the 7 decades that
    I've been alive. How much more time will I have? Who knows. Time to get busy

    In my early 20s a wealthy uncle promised me an employment
    opportunity in Europe. So I packed my bags and off I went. 5 years later I
    returned a changed man. In the course of that employment I would go on to travel
    to 3 more continents and visit over 40 different ...
  4. The Watch

    I want to share a secret with you all.... I have video to prove this....

    My mom gave me my grandmother's watch. It didn't run for more than a minute at a time.... but it was my grandmother's battery style watch so I cherished it deeply.... I took it to the local jewelry store and asked them to fix it for me. It didn't need a battery according to the jeweler. Since it's a Timex [easily replaced] the jeweler didn't want to take the time to fix it without a $100 deposit. I didn't have ...
  5. The Sewing Machine

    After my kids were safely back on the East Coast I loaded up a Ford and started across country.

    I had the clothes, toys, clothes and the keepsakes all neatly packed in the back seat and in the trunk. Along with the small items I had cherished... was a singer portable sewing machine. It was from out of the 50's, my mom had given it to me when I left Virginia Beach.

    There was a time when I took in sewing out in Seattle. That was natural instinct.... Nannie [grandmother ...
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