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  1. littlelady's Avatar
    I really liked your story. Thanks for sharing it.
  2. Monello's Avatar
    When we arrived back home, I discovered that the mom network had been making a few phone calls wondering if we were OK and should they send the calvary to rescue us earlier. It wasn't like we all had cell phones and could just give a status report at any time. I'm sure the moms were worried. But we managed to survive without any of us getting killed or killing each other.

    Over the next 3-4 years, several of us would go on to take a few more camping trips. Once word spread of our epic adventure, it seemed that everyone else wanted to tag along the next time we went camping. I just wish we had though to bring a camera to capture some of those special moments.

    A few years ago I reconnected with 1 of my fellow campers. Thanks Facebook. He's now living in the SW US. We chatted about all the great times we had in the great outdoors. As kids we read all the Outdoor Life & Field & Stream magazines about far away places to hunt and fish. That was going to be us one day.

    The point to writing all this. I'm thankful that my parents had enough faith to let me go on such a daring adventure. I don't think kids today would have the same opportunity. Some might consider it borderline child abuse. If nothing it made us a bit stronger. For a couple of years it gave us great stories to tell and things to reminisce about. Sometimes I wish I had done more of those things growing up. But I'm always grateful for the times that we ventured out of our comfort zone. Oh to be young again.
  3. littlelady's Avatar
    Very inspiring!
    Updated 09-30-2016 at 01:03 PM by littlelady
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