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  1. Moving to

    I'll be posting all future blog entries in regards to happenings and developments at on from here-on-in.

    The blogs that are part of our forums are currently configured so that only registered members who are logged into the system can view the blogs -- and the administrator wants to keep it that way.

    Since that greatly limits the audience, please see
  2. Archiving Photo & Video files

    I will be archiving our photo and video libraries to online services, to enhance the sharing of the Southern Maryland Experience.

    Photos will be on Google Picasa Web Albums:

    RSS Feed:

    Videos will be

    RSS Feed:

    Of course, ...
  3. New Printer Friendly Page for News Articles

    We now have a printer friendly page utility for all headline news articles. The utility strips out all non-essential information and only displays the Title, post date, and article. Press CONTROL-P when viewing the page to send it to your printer.

    See the "Printer Friendly Page" link in the left column of all news articles immediately above the RSS and Twitter icons.

    This is my Green initiative for the week. Save printer paper
  4. Wiki Progress, Search Coming Back to Speed

    The wiki project is progressing nicely:

    Authors are still invited to apply.

    The wiki is now back in the master search engine:

    The forums are also being worked back into the master search engine as I write this. The engine provides an integrated search engine for every thing So. Maryland. All the good, authoritative information with the junk filtered out.
  5. The Environment, Green Living, Alternative Energy

    We just opened a new forum called:

    The Environment, Green Living, and Alternative Energy

    This should come in handy as global climate change looms, energy demands begin to exceed peak oil production, and global recession/depression bring the perfect storm upon our planet.

    Updated 11-20-2008 at 09:00 PM by David

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