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  1. The Watch

    I want to share a secret with you all.... I have video to prove this....

    My mom gave me my grandmother's watch. It didn't run for more than a minute at a time.... but it was my grandmother's battery style watch so I cherished it deeply.... I took it to the local jewelry store and asked them to fix it for me. It didn't need a battery according to the jeweler. Since it's a Timex [easily replaced] the jeweler didn't want to take the time to fix it without a $100 deposit. I didn't have ...
  2. The Sewing Machine

    After my kids were safely back on the East Coast I loaded up a Ford and started across country.

    I had the clothes, toys, clothes and the keepsakes all neatly packed in the back seat and in the trunk. Along with the small items I had cherished... was a singer portable sewing machine. It was from out of the 50's, my mom had given it to me when I left Virginia Beach.

    There was a time when I took in sewing out in Seattle. That was natural instinct.... Nannie [grandmother ...
  3. The first Book

    Now as we all know... I've been having problems with the thees and the thous of the KJV for all my life.

    I've met a lot of people like me. We just can't understand the King James Language... I mean Shakespeare in school wrecked straight A kids. Really!

    When I found a paraphrased version of the Bible titled [U][I]The Book[/I][/U], I was just thrilled. I also found a Baptist Church in Kissimmee. I knew I was going to get some good teaching.

    Well ...
  4. Florida

    It was January 1972 when we finally arrived in Florida. That man I was married to and I had agreed to return to a marriage based on commitment. We were, after all, married.

    Disney World Orlando [which was actually in Kissimmee] was brand new. All around us were happy families and kids enjoying the place. We got a hotel room right inside the park. We ate at Cinderella's Castle and rode all the rides on Gold Passes.... it was so much fun.

    The weather was perfect, ...

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  5. The suit and the sale

    After the bar was sold. The seeker and I started to work the two shifts. The seeker worked the late shift into the after hours. I worked the early shift when the venders would come in. Then I'd take the paperwork back to the apartment to do the books at my leisure.

    One of the suits started to "hang out" during the morning shift to make sure everything was ok. Business generally picked up after 3 or 4 in the afternoon. That gave us a lot of time to talk.

    Updated 07-19-2013 at 07:08 PM by hotcoffee

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