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Back to School!

Here it is, the first of October '07, and I feel like I am 88 years of age when it comes to figuring out this manure. Holy Crap! I just dropped ashes all over the place!

This is a whole new learning curve and it feels as though I'm back in training.

As I look at my TO-DO list, I realize that "this" is not on it! However, I seem compelled to check it out anyway.

Ready, set, submit!

  1. Thoughts for this Rainy Late Sept. Day...

    As I skim the "New Posts" headings in the forums today, I realize that I simply do not have anything to offer on today's political warfare or even the local war being committed on ourselves and each other in the form of kidnapping, armed robbery, murder, suicide, vehicular manslaughter, and more, ugh.

    I escaped to a world of larged fenced in areas of grassy spaces, where my dogs could roam free and my head could clear too. My biggest problem encountered was getting wet ...
  2. Are there any lifeforms on this planet? :lol:

    So... I have been rejected/dejected/forever it seems, banned from ever using Chat. Between my applications running amok, my scripts and codes wreaking havok with one another and Java and Sun not playing nicely, it ain't gonna happen.

    The regular forums are killing me. Every mouse click of "New Posts" finds another 10 by nhboy. and I've yet to hear of a better way to surf the forums. Even with high speed internet, it still takes a long time to click ...
    Higher Learning
  3. Let's try this again...

    If I were a daily ramble and I wanted to be in Higher Learning II, would I be in the right place?
    Higher Learning II
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  4. Testing the Test

    Is this thing on?
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