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Personal blogs are only available to Premo members. Blog owners can make their blog private or public, can allow only their Buddies to see it, and can allow or not allow comments to their blog.

Standard forum rules pertain for the most part as far as language and sexual content goes, but we allow a bit more than on the open board. Think of it as a cross between your personal forum, where anything goes, and the open board, which is PG-13. We'll call the blogs an R. No overt porno and hard nudity.

This is all new to us, so we'll see what happens.
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Updated 09-30-2007 at 07:24 PM by vraiblonde

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  1. 's Avatar
    Call me a popcorn head but... Are there directions anywhere?
  2. vraiblonde's Avatar
    It should look just like when you attach a pic to a post on the board. Make a blog entry, then before you submit, go down to the bottom and do the attachment.

    Did that make sense? You should also be able to edit your blog to add a picture.
  3. vraiblonde's Avatar
    Kain, over on the left of your blog window, there's a link to the Blog Control Panel. That's where you set your blog privacy and whether you'll allow comments or not.
  4. 's Avatar
    Yay! I see how that works. I'm curious about the block with the red X under my name. Looks like my member profile pic has disappeared from the forums. Maybe that's it. *Huggy*
  5. vraiblonde's Avatar
    Try uploading your profile pic again
  6. 's Avatar
    Unable to save image tried the originsl pic and 3 others. :bawl:
  7. 's Avatar
    Good Morning! :)
  8. mainman's Avatar
    Wow, we are such a fansy forem...
  9. greyhound's Avatar
    If you are not premo will the site keep you from starting a blog?
  10. FireBrand's Avatar
    Hey V-Mum, If I can see this blog thing, does dat mean I'm on your Buddy List !..........Cool...............
  11. 's Avatar
    So can we have more than one blog?
  12. virgovictoria's Avatar
    Just testing about.
  13. ocean733's Avatar
  14. DoWhat's Avatar
    What is the purpose of this?


    Are we allowed to cuss?
  15. struggler44's Avatar
    Please....... cussing excites me almost as much as Vrai's drinkin and smokin animated avatar, it is so F'n hot! Reminds me of my mom
  16. hotcoffee's Avatar
    [QUOTE=greyhound;bt46]If you are not premo will the site keep you from starting a blog?[/QUOTE]

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