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Back to School!

Thoughts for this Rainy Late Sept. Day...

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As I skim the "New Posts" headings in the forums today, I realize that I simply do not have anything to offer on today's political warfare or even the local war being committed on ourselves and each other in the form of kidnapping, armed robbery, murder, suicide, vehicular manslaughter, and more, ugh.

I escaped to a world of larged fenced in areas of grassy spaces, where my dogs could roam free and my head could clear too. My biggest problem encountered was getting wet and having 10 muddy feet to clean before re-entry into the house.

All of the drama and "ugh" is still here. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to escape it forever, but a little while is alright by me.

There is something to say about an early Fall rain, that if not too cold, it can cleanse you a bit.

I guess you just have to step out into it.


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