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The musicians....

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On the way back home from work, there was one of those sub shops at the corner. Since my ride [I didn't have a car] dropped me at the corner, I would stop in once in a while to grab a sub for dinner.

One day a nice looking guy was in there talking to the two ladies behind the counter. They dared him to kiss me and he did.

Then he asked me out on a date. Since it was close to the holidays, he suggested a shopping trip. I agreed to go out with him.

He showed up in an amphi-car to pick me up for the date. We had a pretty good time and I agreed to go out with him again. Let's face it, there was work, and home, and dating this guy. So dating was a good option.

For Christmas he bought me a ring and asked me to marry him. I said ok.... and that was that for a while. Then his parents wanted him to do more with his life than get married too young and they started to harass him about me.

Now we already know that I didn't have much of a home life so when he decided to elope it was ok with me.... and we did.... to North Carolina where my uncle was a preacher. My family followed us down there and so did his family. It was all too Hollywood.... but we got married and lived with his parents for a long time.

His family was a lot different than mine. They were musicians. We would be watching tv or something and all of a sudden everyone would get up [well not me or my mother in law and the youngest of her children] and start playing songs on the organ, flute, trumpet, and drums.

My mother in law played the organ from time to time but she had arthritis in her hands, knees and feet really bad. She always said she would give everything she had to stop being in pain for just one day.

There was really no rhyme or reason to life at that time. I was just living with a different family who were a little strange but they were kind and non-abusive.

My mother in law tried to be a believer. When ever she could get someone to talk to her about the Bible she was happy. She read a lot of scriptures, mostly proverbs, but hadn't really read it for the stories. It's a shame that I really didn't find a Bible I could understand until after she passed away. I did tell her the Bible Stories I had learned as a child. We did talk about church doctrine. I think she was baptized as a child. Most of all we talked about the daily stuff while I rubbed her joints with ointments to ease the pain.

We moved to North Carolina for a while. We wound up going back to Baltimore though. Eventually my parents moved the rest of the family to Virginia Beach. I bought the house in Baltimore and I moved back in. That's when things started to really get strange.....

This is a testimony so if you're reading and you want me to continue... you have to tell me so....

I'm not going to mention names.... it's also up to you to figure out if this is really my personal testimony or if it's fiction.... it's up to you....

I look forward to staying out on the forums.... at least through the Book of John... But I like to write and this sounds good to me ....


PS.... 1 Nephi 8-10 is really wild! I love the glow!


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