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That Man

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Well I got a message from one of you that says keep going. 1 out of 5 ain't bad....So here goes.

[SIZE="5"][B]God had a husband picked out for me and it wasn't that man[/B][/SIZE]. I have been with the husband God picked for me for over 25 years. He's my best friend and my husband. I hope to live every single day of our lives together. I like being around him. He makes me laugh. I've never been so happy.

But the road to my best friend and husband, that God had picked out for me took a lot of turns. When I told him I had written this on a blog.... He said "what took you so long to get to me". That's exactly what I was thinking when he said that.

When I started on that road, [I]I had no idea what was going to happen to me.[/I] I hope you will all enjoy this story now that you've had a glimpse of the last chapter.

It was a strange time. Most of the guys from my high school left to go to war. Most of the guys who did come back were never the same. So the girls that were left behind were finding really slim pickings when it came to good men. There just weren't many.... I figured I could live with that man. I was married and I was going to be ok.

I promise you this. As the story progresses I will leave that man.

Maybe some of you are in a boat not unlike one of those that I found myself in. Believe me... the road ahead will put me in a lot of boats. I know that sounds funny but it'll make sense... Maybe...

I know a lot of you will suffer from at least one of my experiences from your past. It might do someone some good. One thing I have learned over the years is "you're never in the boat alone". I don't know how many times I've sung "Amazing Grace" to my Lord to bring Him closer to me. Another one of the hymns I have sung is the one that starts "I serve a risen Savior. He's in the world today." I think it's called "He Lives".

[B][SIZE="5"]Anyway.... back to the story..... [/SIZE][/B]so we were living in the house I bought from my parents when they moved down south.

At first everything was ok. My mother in law hated to see us move. We didn't get to talk every day anymore. There weren't cell phones back then.

I got a job at the Mall managing a health food store. The mall was a hop skip and a jump from home. I got my first Rambler....I loved that car.... I had a dark blue Rambler Ambassador.... great car! Everything was pretty normal.... I was watching the news pretty regular.... eating at home.... USA was just getting ready to put a man on the moon. Nixon was gone I think. I don't remember if we were still in Vietnam. [lost a lot of good guys to Vietnam... Daddy got out of the Navy because of Vietnam.... He had already put his life on hold for Korea....] so I don't like talking about it much.

At home.... I caught that man putting on make up. Yep.... I guess a few of you might have to clean up the keyboard and monitor over that one.

Yep in my rush to get away from my mom I married that guy that no one wants their kid married to. He started dressing disco style.... silk shirts.... flare pants.... guess he saw himself as some kind of disco dan. He was a drummer working with his dad at the clubs... hauling drum sets around was one of the chores.

I didn't go with them all the time because I had a regular day job. Can't burn the candle at both ends and pay the bills. I had a house now and utilities to pay.

I hardly ever took off from work early. I was the manager. They expected me to be there. But for some reason I took off early.... about 11AM.... oh yeah... the moon launch. I came home to watch the moon launch.

When I pulled up in front of the house at the end of the cul de sac I noticed that man was home and there was another car there.

When I walked in the house I figured they'd gone out back because I didn't hear any talking and they weren't in the living room. We had one of those pools with fish in it out back. Anyway, I went in the bedroom to change my clothes and .....I walked in on two men.... one was that man.... and they were in a very compromising position....

That's all I'll say about that.... the rest of this story is about the effects. I started drinking that day. I lost my house, my job, my .... well you'll see ... I did watch the moon launch or the moon walk.... That man was there sitting on the sofa begging me not to leave him.... [I]"But try to understand"[/I].

Then I started getting phone calls and they would be for someone who didn't live there. That man almost broke the dining room table trying to get to the phone to get that call. He was the one giving out the number.

Back to the "try to understand".... I didn't hate that man.... I was in shock quite frankly.... I mean I would have never have guessed.... I had know idea what to do. I was married to that man. So I agreed to go see a counselor who could "help you understand" before making any decisions.

We had visited a counselor once before. I can't remember why... some spat.... anyway we had an appoint with Margaret Reed at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Oh yeah I remember why we went there.... His number came up in the draft. He wanted to take of for Canada. I called him a coward and threatened to leave. I went to my aunts house until he begged me to come back.... but that was way back when we first got together.... Back before Nixon started talking about Not being a crook. So I agreed to go to counseling.... [B]I was after all married to that man[/B].

I tried to read my thumper after that day. I really did.... but I couldn't understand it.... the language got in my way... all those these and thous....

I told myself the Bible Stories I had learned as a child. I remembered the coat of many colors the best.

I stayed in prayer. I did a lot of begging. I kept asking Him what to do.... I kept wondering "Why me?" I couldn't figure out why I had to learn this new problem after going through all those years with my mother.

We did visit the counselor. He set up the appointment. The counselor told me that the reason I could not accept what that man was doing was that I could not use my femininity to get what I wanted. He also told me that if I left that man.... that man would probably go into a state hospital for life. So it was my duty to save him.

I drank a lot.... a lot..... I wanted to get numb....



  1. hotcoffee's Avatar
    Just when I was really getting into the story! Well that last line was a real humdinger(hope spelling is right!) But I'll be ready for the continuing of the story! See ya! Sil

    [I]For those of you who are reading the comment here.... Sil is a friend of mine who asked me to continue writing. I'll have to set her up with an account of her own.... so she can comment at will.....[/I]

    Updated 07-16-2013 at 03:13 PM by hotcoffee
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