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The suit and the sale

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After the bar was sold. The seeker and I started to work the two shifts. The seeker worked the late shift into the after hours. I worked the early shift when the venders would come in. Then I'd take the paperwork back to the apartment to do the books at my leisure.

One of the suits started to "hang out" during the morning shift to make sure everything was ok. Business generally picked up after 3 or 4 in the afternoon. That gave us a lot of time to talk.

The suit asked my why I was working in this bar. I told him my story. Then he asked me why I was always talking about the Bible and telling Bible stories in a bar. I told him that was the only thing that kept me going these days. His reply was simple "I like you, keep it up".

Because he liked me he told me that I should never touch anything that would get me in trouble. A day or two later another suit came in, passed a gun across the bar to me and asked me to put it behind the bar. I pulled up a bar rag, used it to grasp the gun, wrapped it around it and laid it on the back shelf over the cooler out of sight.

I noticed the suit I had been talking to smile and nod his head at me. Later that night the same man asked the seeker to hand him the gun. He kept the bar rag covering it and passed it to him.

A couple of days later that man [remember the man I was married to... the one that caused me to go to this place in the first place?] came in with yet another man. They sat up at the bar and the man that was with him actually snarled at me. Then he told me that they were in a relationship and I needed to step aside.

Now remember, I was in this bar because I wanted to "understand" and keep my marriage in the long run. It was that man that kept disappearing and showing up again. But when this man told me I should step aside.... well I must have lost it.

I still don't remember how I got across the bar. All I know is that the suit pulled me off the man and told that man and the man with him to leave.

I was very upset so they sat me down at a table and brought me some cognac. While I was sipping it the suit asked me if I really thought my house and my belongings were safe with those people staying there. He said he would be happy to send someone over there and get them out.

I was still pretty na´ve but I knew I should never ever "owe" this man in a suit anything.... or the people he associated with. The passing of the gun to get my prints on it was proof of that.

At first I declined his offer. Then it dawned on me that I could make a deal. I asked him if he knew anything about drums. Then I told him there was a set of Ludwig Drums at the house that I would sell to him for a dollar and a favor. That put the favor on him instead of me. Smart huh!

He asked me what the favor would be. I told him I wanted those men scared away from the house so they would be afraid to come back. I told him not to physically hurt them. Just scare them. He handed me a dollar and later I saw him talking to a couple of other big men.

The next day they came back to the bar. They told me I had a wonderful home and the drums were very nice.

It wasn't two or three days later that the poop hit the fan. I worked the early shift and left before dinner. I finished the books and laid down to rest. The seeker came running in about 4 in the morning yelling something about burning all the receipts.

The police had raided the after hours private party. He said it was a real mess. He said he had just been able to sneak out the back and get around the dumpster before the police came out to search the ally. They didn't search to terribly hard because it wasn't all that likely [he said] that anyone would find their way out to the alley.

The next morning, we pooled all our cash and took it to the police station to bail the suit out. He told me it was time for me to get out of the area.

I stayed at the seeker's apartment for a couple more days and then I got a call from that man. He wanted to meet me in a public place. He said he wanted to talk about us.

Now I was more than happy to meet him. He appeared to be his normal self with one exception, he jumped every time there was a noise behind him. I had learned from the suit that I should always sit with my back to the wall and have a good view of the door. So that man was stuck with his back to the whole place.

He said he was sleeping with a gun under his pillow. He said he was sorry for all the grief I had gone through. He said that if I would take him back he would try to behave himself.

I thought to myself.... best dollar I ever made!

We stayed together at a friend's house for a few days. The house sold quickly after I told the real estate agent that I didn't care if they busted the block [let just anyone buy it]. I made a hefty cash profit off the sale of the house because block busters paid more.

So what did we do with the money? We went to Disney World.

I figured I would get him as far away from the bar as possible. I needed a break.


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  1. hotcoffee's Avatar
    I need to add here.... I've spoken with the seeker a couple of years over the years that have passed. He's still in the book.

    The last time I talked to him.... He said he had found Jesus and he was at last happy. He's still living alone. His friend got married and she has children.
  2. jdborgh's Avatar
    What a story! Thank you for telling me about it. Sorry it took me so long to get here -- I had to establish an account and it just cleared this morning.

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