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The first Book

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Now as we all know... I've been having problems with the thees and the thous of the KJV for all my life.

I've met a lot of people like me. We just can't understand the King James Language... I mean Shakespeare in school wrecked straight A kids. Really!

When I found a paraphrased version of the Bible titled [U][I]The Book[/I][/U], I was just thrilled. I also found a Baptist Church in Kissimmee. I knew I was going to get some good teaching.

Well the problem with Baptist Preachers is they can be pretty stubborn. The preacher in the church decided that all the congregation was going to stay "pure" and use only the KJV. There would be no American Standard translations in his congregation. When he got a look at my paraphrased version of the Bible... He called it a work of Satan himself. They had a bon fire that morning.... and my paraphrased version of the Bible hit the pile too.

I didn't put it there... the preacher did....

When I got home and started thinking about it.... I decided the churches in Florida were full of nuts! Those people were really scary. After what I had just been through before coming to Florida, I decided to err on the side of extreme caution.

Over the next few years I didn't really go to church. I kept talking about Jesus but I didn't go to church.

Then when I got pregnant with my first daughter I started a little library of children's books based on Bible stories. I read them all the time and as the girls started to crawl and walk, they were always happy to crawl up on my lap for a story.

Now while I was pregnant with my second daughter another Southern Baptist Preacher showed up at the door. I mean to tell you , this guy was persistent.

He would hand me a brochure or a tract and invite me to the church. I mean to tell you that preacher was there once a week for months.

Sometimes, I have to confess, I would pretend that I wasn't home. I couldn't do it all the time because he would hear my daughter playing. But if he happened by when she was taking a nap... I would lay down on the couch so he couldn't see me and stay there until he was gone.

So finally I did talk to him. I mean more than, may I help you or thank you..... I asked him why he kept coming around and this is what he said.

[INDENT]"Look, I just have a calling to keep visiting you. I don't know why, but I keep coming to this house. Please come to church just one Sunday. Be there at 11, sit in the back.... I'll save a spot with some hymnals.... just move them over and sit on the back row, near the door. Then just ask the Lord to talk to you. If He does, stay and listen. If he doesn't, you can leave anytime you want. No one will notice. I won't come by here again if you'll just do that."[/INDENT]

So the following Sunday I slipped in the back and said a prayer.

"Speak to me Lord. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen"

So I went. The songs were all favorites. We sang [I]The Old Rugged Cross, Amazing Grace[/I], and [I]He Lives.[/I]. Before I knew it the plate was passed and the Sermon began.

This preacher read out of the King James but then he translated it into everyday language. It was the best sermon I had ever heard. You won't believe what it was... well maybe you would.... [URL=""]the Prodigal Son.... [/URL]

A few weeks later I started helping out in children's church.... The children's church and the nursery were wired for sound, so we could hear the sermon but we got to play with our children.

Then a few months later, while very big with my second daughter, I was helping with children's church, and on Wednesday nights I was teaching a youth class.

Some of the ladies in the church would joke with me and say "you better tell that baby not to come just yet because you're just too busy".

I really really really enjoyed being in that church. I was learning... my children [yep I did take time off during the Christmas Choir practices to have my second baby] were hearing the Bible stories and the sermons while they played. It was great.... until the Revival....



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