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Southern Maryland fishing

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There are few things I'd rather do than fish. I got hooked(pun intended) many years ago. I wasn't very skilled but I somehow managed to persevere. Around 11 years old I got to fish a lake that was full of fish. They were easy to catch. Just pull a moth off of a tree, toss it in the water, wait about 30 seconds and a fat bluegill would inhale the bait. It was lots of fun and kept me entertained for hours.

Fast forward a few decades. I've been fortunate enough to have fished in many states and several foreign countries. I still have my days of few or no fish. That's just the nature of the sport. Many times I'm the only 1 connecting while others go without a bite. In fishing, like most endeavors, practice makes perfect.

I'm fortunate because southern Maryland has some great fishing opportunities. Both fresh and salt water locations to wet a line. The other night I made a few casts over near the bridge where Goose Creek dumps into the bay. I got a few rockfish on a yellow bucktail.


Even though all the fish were undersized, they were still a lot of fun. Maryland did the right thing years ago when it imposed a moratorium on rockfish. Their numbers have improved. Now only if the oysters, shad, manhaden and crabs could make a successful comeback.

Fishing in the bay doesn't require special gear. A medium or medium heavy spinning pole with 12 pound test should work fine. If you want to target the cow nosed rays in the bay then a stouter pole and heavier line are required. I mostly use lures but many folks use bloodworms, squid or shrimp for bait.

Locally there are a few piers that let you get out into deeper water. Most pier anglers are happy to share tips on how to best set up your terminal tackle. Ask lots of questions. But most important get out on the water.
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