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Bass & soft plastics

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There are 2 main bass species in Maryland. Largemouth bass and Smallmouth bass. Other bass include a Kentucky spotted bass and a Shoal bass. The largemouth bass had 2 sub species. There is the Northern bass and the Florida bass. Each strain of bass has unique characteristics. The Florida strain bass grows the largest. The northern strain bass is more aggressive.

In Maryland, during the summer, a good way to entice bass to bite is by using soft plastics. Either a worm or lizard imitation works well. Use either a small bullet weight or even a split shot a few inches ahead of the bait will work. Just cast out and slooooowly work the bait back. You may feel a slight tap when the fish takes the bait. DON'T set the hook right away. Allow the fish to swallow the bait, then swim away. You can see your line move either left or right. Remove the slack line before firmly setting the hook.
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