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Fishing the bay from shore

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There are plenty of places to fish locally for salt water species. A few places are very popular. Both Calvert and St. Mary's counties have public piers. The nice thing about piers is that they allow you to get out in a little deeper water. You can also just fish from shore and make longer casts. The best part about piers is that they usually bug free.

Croaker, Norfolk spot, red drum, flounder, mackerel and bluefish are all found in local waters. You can also hook the occasional cow nosed ray. Blood worms seem to be the best bait for the fish that populate the lower Patuxent River, lower Potomac River and Western part of the bay. Dead shrimp and squid also make decent baits. Rockfish will strike at certain lures.

When using baits, a 2 hook bottom rig works best. Use a size 4 hook and 1 ounce of weight unless there is a strong current. Bump up the weight until you can reel the slack line out and the weight holds the bottom. At the first sign of a bite remove slack line then set the hook once the fish pulls at the bait. A hard hook set is preferred to a softer hook set. You won't get them all but a quick set helps insure the hook gets buried in the jaw.

Use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the hook. Toss your fish in a cooler with ice and rebait. Check the regulation book for minimum size and bag limits.

2 hook bottom rig


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