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The Watch

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I want to share a secret with you all.... I have video to prove this....

My mom gave me my grandmother's watch. It didn't run for more than a minute at a time.... but it was my grandmother's battery style watch so I cherished it deeply.... I took it to the local jewelry store and asked them to fix it for me. It didn't need a battery according to the jeweler. Since it's a Timex [easily replaced] the jeweler didn't want to take the time to fix it without a $100 deposit. I didn't have the money with me at the time so I took the watch back home and put it back in my jewelry box. It made it's way to the bottom of the jewelry box where it stayed for a few years.

I'm giving away some of these things that are cherished. It sent it to my aunt. My aunt is the youngest of my Grandmother's children. She was fairly young when my Grandmother passed away. I knew she would appreciate it.... I also sent a powder puff that my mom said was my Grandmother's.... it smelled like her still and I knew my aunt would like it.

Anyway.... back to the watch.... my aunt did the same as I did .... she wound it up... and put it on her wrist.... NOW remember... my mom told me it wouldn't run.... I couldn't get it to run more than a minute or two... the jeweler said it wasn't worth fixing.... my aunt put it on her wrist at about 2 PM..... when she sent me the email and the picture.... the watch was running about 8 hours later!

My aunt was meant to have it!


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