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I'm not really sure I know who I am - Part II

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OK, so where was I? Oh yes, writing about Alaskan adventures.

Alaska permeates your soul. At least it did for me. I immersed myself in everything
Alaska. But I was never there in all 4 seasons. I'd love a chance to experience
an entire winter in the 49th state.

When I returned from my leave of absence, I was informed that my job had been filled and they would no longer require my assistance. For many that would be a crushing experience. For me it was a signal to turn and walk away.

And walk I did, or hike as some
people refer to it. I did lots of things that didn't involve work. I eventually
landed a few volunteer opportunities as a camp host. That is how I got to return
to Alaska for 2 additional summers. There is always a place looking for help. It
was now time for me to give back. So far I've camp hosted in 4 different state
parks and 1 national forest. I get to meet great people. Hearty folks who long
for the outdoors. I've helped rig tents, back up RVs, look for lost campers,
launch boats and a lot more things to assist people in campgrounds.

summer I set my sights on Yellowstone National Park. I got 1 of the seasonal
jobs in return to park my motorhome on the banks of Yellowstone Lake. Nothing
can compare to 3 months to thoroughly explore the park and all it's unique
features. Just don't get too close to the buffalo.

I've slowly detached
myself from all the 'stuff' that I had accumulated over the years. It was just
possessions that slowed me down and took up precious space. I'm still fighting
that war but I'm winning a few of the battles. Things that I haven't used in
years are quickly jettisoned or given away. Better someone use it than for it to
collect dust somewhere.

It sure has been an amazing experience the past 7
years. The hardest part initially was getting by with a lot less financially.
But with time it gets easier. I stay focused on what is important. I now can say
I truly live instead of just exist.

I'm now able to pick up and go
whenever I please. Last winter I spent 3 months in Europe and took a Maryland to
South Carolina to Texas and back road trip. I amaze some people with my
proclivity to travel. I'm probably just as amazed at people who spend their life
in the same place, doing the same thing. It's not to say 1 way is right or
better. It's that they are different and staying put isn't for me.

you are thinking that I have a wealthy relative that allows me to finance my
endeavors. Far from the truth. I live a fairly meager lifestyle. 1 of the
benefits of world wide travel was seeing how people lived in other countries.
American and western nations are blessed with a standard of living that is the
envy of most of the world. Ask yourself this question, "Just how much is

You may have heard of my famous uncle. Most people have. His
name is Sam. Most of you reading this have an Uncle Sam.

Be well, love often, fish hard.


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  1. littlelady's Avatar
    Very inspiring!
    Updated 09-30-2016 at 01:03 PM by littlelady
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