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Thread: dentsville accident rt 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyCats View Post
    my coworker was headed that way... I sure hope she's ok.
    I just talked to my coworker, she is home safe and sound... Thank goodness. My prayers go out to all those involved and their families.
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    The Showstopper
    a co-worker of mine's wife was involved, she was flown to suburban hospital, all i know is she has a broken ankle and internal injuries, if i here anything else i will update

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    I live off Olivers Shop Road and I am not surprised by this. People CONSTANTLY fly on this road and I get passed in a 40 MPH zone (I do 45) like I am sitting still. It is not only teenagers who fly down these roads... the majority is mostly adults headed home in a rush, down these back roads trying to avoid traffic in Hughesville / Charlotte Hall...

    This is sad and I truly feel sorry for the accident, but these back roads are a time-bomb... I am waiting for a deer to jump out in front of me and I have to slam on my brakes and one of these morons slam into the back of me.

    It is a shame…

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    Those pictures brought me to tears
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    Quote Originally Posted by WitchyWoman79 View Post
    Do they know if it was teens again?
    St. Mary's Today says it involved teens, but it's hard to believe anything they say, they've been wrong so many times.

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    It was just on the Ch. 4 news. Video from the helicopter. What a mess. 6 total passengers, 3 dead. No names or ages released yet.
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    Prayers to the families.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bay_Kat View Post
    St. Mary's Today says it involved teens, but it's hard to believe anything they say, they've been wrong so many times.

    I was going to mention that earlier with the same comment (that they are not an accurate news source). The SUV looks rather well for a head on, but I doubt anyone survived in that gray sedan. The roof is gone and it looks like they used the "jaws of life" (I think that is what they call that extractor) on it. It is peeled apart like whoever was inside was trapped.

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    The three deceased are male teens all from the same car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldHillcrestGuy View Post
    The three deceased are male teens all from the same car.
    So sad for them and families. Prayers for all.

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