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Thread: New Houses in St Marys to require Sprinkler System

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patch Tuesday View Post
    Yeah, but I'd sure like to have that "sprinkler" water pouring on me as I run for the door while the roof is on fire...

    Sprinklers dont activate until they reach 155 degrees, I would think that you would know something was going on by say 120 degrees.....

  2. 11-09-2007, 11:05 AM

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    Some usefull links

    heres some links to some website and video with info on sprinkler systems and how they work

    USFA Fight Fire with Facts : Home Fire Sprinklers

    Fire Sprinkler Facts from Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

    Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems


    long but has some some info
    YouTube - NJFSAB Burn Trailer Demonstration

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patch Tuesday View Post
    You know, I've learned a tremendous amount by this thread, but I came into it believing that sprinklers were a good idea. On the other hand, you came into it with the idea that sprinklers were a bad idea. I haven't read anything yet though that made me want to change my mind...

    At the end of the day, I don't think anybody's opinion has changed...

    I don't think they are a bad idea, I think the decision to have them in single family homes is off base. The decision was made in a "for heavens sake lets do something" moment. If the BOCC wants to save lives they should focus their efforts on traffic deaths in St Marys.

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    Just like any other saftey device they are not going to be the "be all end all" for fire protection. They will help in most cases but will not be effective in every single fire. I think they are a great idea I just dont like the gov'mt shoving it down my wallet. I'm sure insurance companys love the idea and they should work out a huge discount for having them so the cost may be a wash after a few years and pay off big time in the long run. I'll bet if Calif. had them we would not see so many total losses.

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