The relatively new State Law (signed into law in 2006) is [calling for counties to to prepare plans for all of their sub-watersheds by Oct 2009. This includes analyzing the impact of existing and future sewage treatment plants, septic systems, storm water management devices and land uses] to protect and restore Bay waters.

My neighborhood is meeting up with the Calvert County Department of Planning & Zoning Committee soon to talk about this, the general [poor health of the Patuxent River, the "nutrient obesity", algae blooms, cloudy water, and fish kills].
They also mention in their letter to our community that there is evidence the River would rebound quickly if nutrients can be reduced to an acceptable level.

My questions: how bad are the Bay and Rivers around here really now? Anyone else's communities discussing this with county planning? Interested to hear your responses, especially from those most familiar with the recent history of the bay and rivers. TIA.