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Thread: $1.99 gas in lusby!

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    For the past few weeks the Wawa in Prince Frederick has been slowly dropping gas prices and been the constant for lowest price. I was THRILLED to see $1.99 at the County Filling Station. It's a pain to get in and out, but worth the price of gas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LusbyMom View Post
    Another clue?
    Shhhhhhh. I'm trying to stay incognito.
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    I think it was somewhere in the 2003-2004 time frame.

    I said, "You watch... November 2008, gas prices will fall under 2.00 a gallon."

    I was kidding, of course - but ... damn.
    Well, it's been in your mouth for like, three hours. It feels like it's full of water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxick View Post
    I think it was somewhere in the 2003-2004 time frame.

    I said, "You watch... November 2008, gas prices will fall under 2.00 a gallon."

    I was kidding, of course - but ... damn.
    I bet an older guy at work $50 that it would drop, i said maybe not back below $2 a gallon but at least $2.50, he said i was crazy it was going to keep going up. He still owes me the money. If it keeps going we might hit $1.50 again, but i seen on bloomberg that opec was thinking of another production cut.
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    $2.05 at Truck Stop in Newburg - that's cheap for Charles County. $1.98 across the bridge in King George/Dahlgren Sheetz, Valero and WaWa.

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    Hey if you all go to the County Filling Station for gas make sure to go in the station and drop some change off in the pink container. Im collecting donations there for my Breast Cancer walk. I know the lines make it hard ot get in and out but its worth paying $1.99 and making a small donation of change! Thanks in advance for anyone who has already dropped some change. I appreciate anything that will be going to a great cause!

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    Safeway - $1.79 a gallon (with club card discount) last weekend!
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    Wawa - Veterans Highway $1.99

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAB View Post
    Safeway - $1.79 a gallon (with club card discount) last weekend!
    I sure missed that one!

    Which Safeway, the one in Prince Frederick? Today, I looked as I drove past it and it was $2.11.

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    I think they mean with the extra discounts you can get with your club card ($.10 off for every 2 prescriptions, $.10 off for every $100 spent, extra bonuses if you buy gift cards). Right now I have $.20 coming off the next time I fill up.
    The thing I like about this new program is that if you spend $20 this time and then $50 the next, it keeps adding them up until you reach the $100 to give you the $.10 discount. I just switched all my prescriptions from CVS to Safeway to get the extra discount. That was an extra $.30/gallon right there.

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