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Thread: Vacuum Cleaner Suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by czygvtwkr View Post
    Not all types of dirt actually gets wet as it goes through the water, that's why they put a filter like the Dyson on their E Series vacuums.

    You also need to empty the water every time or the bearings will rust and seize up.

    Like I said check out the head and tell me what that suction control thing actually does........

    Every vacuum out there has some sort of gimmick that really does not make it any better than the next, some fall for it some don't.

    I sold quite a few $1600 vacuum cleaners I knew about all of them.
    I guess I never returned to this thread back in Dec. and never saw this reply.

    There's really no gimmick to the Rainbow, so there's nothing to fall for. The concept of using water in a basin as the filter to trap dirt is not rocket science. Wet dirt can't fly. Dirt is water soluble.

    Obviously, however, there *are* some types of materials or matter that might need to be picked up in the vacuum which may not be water soluble. Things such as sanded drywall, sawdust, powder, other things such as that - are not going to be absorbed into the water. That's why they have a special filter. And really, the Rainbow isn't meant to be a "shop vac" type of vacuum. But ordinary household dust & dirt - it's water soluble and the Rainbow has no trouble with that. Wet dust & dirt can't fly. So there's no dust going back into the air.

    I've had one for over 20 years. I wouldn't have any other type of cleaner.

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    <---Roomba is scheduled daily and I use a Dyson DC15 Animal Ball every two or three days.

    I can't imagine 10 dogs.
    I don't have a cool signature. Thanks for reading this though.

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    Ran into this thread about a month ago when my vacuum cleaner died.

    I wanted a canister but they are kind of hard to find so I bought a shark navigator lift away. It actually did a good job on the carpet but was a bit of a pain to use on the hardwood and did not come with a very good complement of attachments or a long enough extension wand. After two weeks the motor in the power head died so I took it back. Did some more research and I decided to order a Miele Cat and Dog model from Amazon.

    It definitely was not cheap, but the build quality is excellent, the bags are very nice and you can tell they filter a whole lot. They also have an air filter with optional Hepa or Charcoal filters, I have just used the standard air filter which is pretty close to an actual Hepa filter. It is made in Germany and not China, after a month of owning it my house has less dust, smells cleaner, and the carpet looks better.
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    rainbow for me is the best too, we are a house of two CLEAN people ;-) every week clean hard wood floors and wash them, rainbox bowl is fithy after, its like WTF. yes you have to empty bowl after every use and clean the whatever you call it that spins, but i also have had for 20 + years. Still solid worker...

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    I bought a Lewinsky Floor model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishbone View Post
    I bought a Lewinsky Floor model.
    it sucks, huh?
    If all you are gonna do is give me grief about what I post DON'T READ IT Heh? Have a nice day :-D

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    Quote Originally Posted by DEEKAYPEE8569 View Post
    it sucks, huh?
    Does a fine job.

    ... But did have to buy a rug doctor to get a stain out of the blue carpet.

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    Somehow missed this thread in the past. From someone that was in the carpet cleaning business for many years and has done more vacuuming than any 10 people should have to do in a lifetime, buy a Miele if you are looking to buy high quality (at a high price) that will last forever. Rainbow and Kirby do not compare. If you don't want to invest the money, Dyson is good buy not engineered to last long, and Shark is very close. Oreck is probably my second favorite, as again they last forever and are easy to service. But they don't perform quite as well as a (new) Dyson.

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