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Thread: What's the deal with this guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bann View Post
    I hadn't seen him nor his vehicle in some time, and was thinking he has moved to someplace where I didn't drive everyday.

    He was a nuisance and a bit creepy sitting there staring all the time. Oh, well - RIP.
    I heard today that he died. From what I was told, the Sheriff's Department allowed him to keep his car in the parking lot there. I think he had been there for quite a while. R.I.P.
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    If your last few conscious moments in life are in a walmart, i think it's safe to conclude you're going to hell and the journey had already started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FED_UP View Post
    Wow their must be something mentally wrong, why would you choose to be homeless I guess the same reason why people who can't afford kids have kids knowingly that welfare is going to take care of them. Plenty of free careers in the US. You can be all you want to be in America, I might want to be a bumb next year. Don't knock it till ya try it.

    There was a man I knew in Florida who would hang out in the bar my friends and I frequented. His name was John and he lived in a tent community in the woods. He would do odd jobs around the bar for drinks, and John had a job at a tye-died t-shirt factory. He chose this way of life. I asked him one night why. He explained to me that when he came back from Vietnam, he tried to live at home again and it just didn't work anymore. He said the only way he felt at peace was to live the life he was living. He said his family didn't understand it and he wished it were easier on them, but this is what he needed to do.

    You rarely ever know someone's story or why they do what they do, but I don't think you should just judge the surface.
    yeah totally agree is betty99, you could say lot of stuff but there are lot of things that you dont know about what the person went through in life.

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    He was featured on the front page of the Calvert Recorder today. His name was Billy Leon "Bill" Hall.
    The article includes reference to *this* thread where "people would post genuine concern over his well being, mean spirited remarks about his appearance or attitude, or comments about interactions with him- good, bad or indifferent"
    According to a lady that befriended him, he wasn't rich but had money in the bank. He loved to read newspapers and she bought them for him every time she saw him. He chose to live on the streets in 1999. He had lost his younger brother that he was close to and had no other family. He was not a veteran. He had dementia when he passed away. A very generous man paid for his funeral and di not want to be mentioned.
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