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Thread: Calvert Road Crews

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    Calvert Road Crews

    My commute home from work last night around 10pm route 4 was a mess; intermittently slushy, icy, and snowy. That is, until I crossed the Calvert line. It seemed once I crossed that line I was on a different road. It was only wet and very passable at almost speed.

    Although there wasn't a lot of stuff that fell on the ground it was a hazardous mix. So my hat is off to the Calvert road crew that efficiently kept route 4 (and probably most other roads in Calvert) clear and safe.
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    I was out well before sunrise and not a bit of trouble. Even St Mary's (235) was in pretty good shape.

    Kudos to them, and to the Raunch Klub crew as well!

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    Salt trucks were right in front of me in Calvert around 4pm, on the way home. Although I complained about all the salt they were spreading (enough to corrode 10 cars), the roads were definitely clear.
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    I thought the same thing when I came home from FL on Dec. 26. Charles Co. side of 231 was crap - but what a difference when I crossed into Calvert!
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    All of the roads mentioned are state roads. I wonder why there is a difference between counties.

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    North Beach isn't in Calvert

    The roads in North Beach are always a mess. Right where the "welcome to North beach" sign is on fifth street, that is EXACTLY where the plow stops. seriously. It was funny last year, it was EXACTLY where the plowing stopped.

    At neptunes when you get in to ches beach, they are clear again. Its amazing. On the "Welcome to North Beach" sign, instead of sayng "have a nice day" they need to add, "we don't effing plow".

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