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Thread: !!!!!! DirecTV !!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BZHorseMomE View Post
    Have you ever had to call them for a service call when you get the message "Problem communicating with dish message code 771A" when your service goes out?

    No, we've had the power go out a few times, but each time power came back on, so did the tv

    I think I've had to call them once, and that was to change my channel plan. Other than that, it took a flood type rain to mess with my signal, and even then it was only for about 5-10 minutes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BZHorseMomE View Post
    !!!!!!! Getting so tired of DirecTV !!!!!!!! Everytime the electric goes out the SWM box keeps getting fried and then it takes them 4 or more days to get out to replace it.
    I replaced my SWM with a new puppy. Haven't had a problem with DirectTV since then. I never lose the remote, every program I record is still recorded when I'm ready to view it, I deleted a bunch of channels that I never watched and paid for every month there-by saving myself oodles of $$ every month.

    I suggest you get rid of the SWM in the attic and get yourself a puppy. Problem solved.
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    time was.......

    used to happen to my sons (and only my sons) reciever. i unhooked the phone line and . havent had a problem since
    tell us how you really feel

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    I've had DirecTV for almost 13 yrs. Yeah - really bad storms stop the signal and we've replaced all 4 receivers once and then upgraded one to HD (we just called and they sent us a new one) but other than that no real issues.

    A surge protector would go along way.

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    5 + years

    I've never had a problem with it, other than during really heavy storms, when the tvs shouldnt be on anyway. I love DirectTV. My boss dropped Comcast because he was fed up with them, and now has Direct TV on my recommendation, and he's absolutely thrilled, and saving a boatload of money!!!!

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