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Thread: Scrap metal recycling?

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    Question Scrap metal recycling?

    Can anyone recommend any place locally that buys scrap metal?

    Thank you!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Esprix View Post
    Can anyone recommend any place locally that buys scrap metal?

    Thank you!

    Try this link it mentions one or two in Saint Mary's
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    no, I can't
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    What is "local". I know there's a place on 488 heading to La Plata, a place off St. Andrews Church Rd., and a place off Rt.231 in Prince Frederick.
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    I extract scrap from the ground and in large quantities. For this purpose it is most convenient for me to take it to processing plants. I've heard a lot of positive feedbacks about this ways of sales of metal. To qualitatively break up the scrap that I found, I use Mobile Screening & Crushing, they have an excellent selection of crushing and sorting machines. I ordered one for each of them. Excellent company from New Zealand. Also there are all necessary machines for working with metal. Yes they are far away, but their quality is worth it! The quality of their machines is impressive
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    We take all of our scrap metal to the salvage yard on Rt 4 not far west from 235. Super Salvage.
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    what are the going rates these days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyMotorcycle View Post
    what are the going rates these days?
    The last time I sold steel shorts it was under a 100 bucks a ton..
    I give it to a young guy now that scraps for a living.. The juice ain't worth the squeeze for me to deal with it on steel right now..
    No one cares.

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    looks like i'll be giving mine away too then..

    then again, if i'm going there for aluminum and batteries i guess i may as well bring it too

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