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Thread: What is Obama Doing in A-satn

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    What is Obama Doing in A-satn

    so what is he doing in A-Stan ?

    on the anniversary of Bin Hidden Death ........

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    I always thought it was sad how the libs always blame Bush for everything but they fail to give him credit when it is due. All Obama did was give the ok. Any idiot could have done that (and one did). Clinton had the chance and did nothing! Bush got the ball rolling and, if it wasn't for him, this buffoon wouldn't be "spiking the football"...
    Everything Obama likes, fails. Good thing he hates America

    Remember; you can't get fire insurance after the fire

    Study the Bible now!! There will be a test later

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamSpade View Post
    Yeah, well - my voice is as free as yours. If you don't like to hear it, *you* can go. Maybe somewhere where everyone agrees with you.
    "An argument against big government is not an argument against societal compassion but against the discretionary power of an elite few to impose pain on the many. Government exists to impose order, not to impose chaos."-Dan Bongino

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