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Thread: Penn State: The cover up continues...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Gude View Post

    These are not excuses. This is to say that these people were NOT Adolph Hitler or Joe Stalin. They did MUCH good for other people. MUCH. They also had terrible, very human failings. We all like to think that had we been there we would surely have blown the whistle, had people arrested, shot Sandusky out back and left him for the buzzards and some people probably would have.
    So did Adolph.. In fact, unless you were a Jew, Adolf did great and wonderful things for Germany and the Germans. Hell he brought them the Autobahn, the Volkswagen, did a HELL of a lot better job on the economy with a LOT more hurdles than our current President..

    Other than the Jews, he was one of the world's best leaders.. as far as HIS country was concerned..

    Hell, here he had a country that was a little bigger than Oregon and he was invading and WINNING in mulitple countries.. If he had quit at Poland, and France we'd be doing business with the 3rd Reich and not the EU..
    Nero played the fiddle, Obama danced the Tango.

    Quote Originally Posted by BadGirl
    Bob is the bestest lookin and smartest man I've ever met.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonehead View Post
    Imposed will punish the wrong people especially the scholarships just require them to be used for academic achievement NOT football gorrilas. Yeah 60 million$ and no bowl games again who does that punish most of those responsible are long gone.
    The only scholarships affected are the football scholarships.
    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Gude View Post
    Ok, I am wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonehead View Post
    oh, dear

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmptyTimCup View Post
    so there should be Statues of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, in there respective host countries
    Lee, Jackson, Stuart, Pickett, Hood, Bragg, never seen statues of any of them?
    From what I've read, Joe did tell someone above him about what was reported to him. He didn't follow up on it or someone else dropped the ball (or chose to cover it up)
    I do know he and the Football program were responsible for huge donations to the school. Maybe since John Doe contributed millions to Penn State and they named a building after him, they should now tear down the building?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Gude View Post
    To hijack my own tread, it is one of the goofiest, worse looking statues I have ever seen. Just terrible. Makes Joe Pa look silly.

    He was kind of goofy looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by czygvtwkr View Post
    He was kind of goofy looking.
    Then, there is that...
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    Interesting how other child abuse cases, where people knew but did nothing, knowledge of a crime isn't punished.

    Two former high-ranking Penn State administrators surrendered Saturday morning to serve jail sentences for how they responded to a 2001 complaint about Jerry Sandusky showering with a boy.Schultz and Curley pleaded guilty to misdemeanor child endangerment in March, leading prosecutors to drop three felony charges of child endangerment and conspiracy.

    Curley, 63, must serve three months in jail, while Schultz, 67, has two months behind bars. Jail officials said they will be evaluated for participation in work release while incarcerated.
    PSU, not a catholic university
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