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Thread: USN Chief Initiation Abolished

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inkd View Post
    A shame. I knew it was only a matter of time.
    The new Navy makes me glad I retired.
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    And it's back!

    Kinda, sorta. Just the use of the word it seems. I doubt that truth serum and other assorted shenanigans will reappear. I got initiated in 1991. And even though they were shrinking, it was a time when the Navy still had some balls.

    Navy chief selects can once again be "initiated" into the mess.

    The Navy’s top enlisted sailor has made it OK to refer to the process of making new chief petty officers as an "initiation," ending 14 years of official taboo for the term once closely associated with hazing and sophomoric pranks.

    There's no official name change — administratively, the six-week training program will continue to be referred to as CPO-365 Phase II — but in releasing his 2018 guidance, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (SG/IW) Steven Giordano made it clear with his words that use of the word “initiation” is back.
    initiated and proud

    CPO battle group war
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