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Thread: New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

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    We should make this thread bi-directional, those coming and those going.
    This goes along with the request for an authentic Italian restaurant.
    I noticed recently that La Rive Breton had shut down. Didn't even make it a year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frequentflier View Post
    A recent business trip took me to Wilkes-Barre/ Poconos in PA. I spent an extra night and went driving around looking for a good locally owned place to have dinner. Pulled a u turn after passing an Italian restaurant whose parking lot was packed at 5PM (on a week night) and quickly saw why!
    OMG! Pazos food was unbelievable and their staff professional, polite and awesome! I love hot Italian sausage and was told they buy it from a local butcher. It was THEE BEST I have ever had and I wish I could have brought some home. They also buy local fruits and veggies in season.
    If you ever find yourself in that area, check them out. I will go to the buying show I attended again...just to go back there!
    I used to live about a mile from that place. I forget what it was called when I lived there. The only thing I remember was, there was a Mafia-style hit that took place there one night - and a neighbor friend of ours moved away with his family right after.

    EDIT: Checked the location again - the place I'm talking about is about 100 yards further south, near the seminary.
    Still, living in that area, it's almost half Italian. Hard NOT to find a decent Italian restaurant.
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