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Thread: Solomons Bridge Jumper

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    Quote Originally Posted by aps45819 View Post
    Did they ever find this guy or will he become a crabbing hot spot this summer?
    That was so wrong of a comment, even though I just shook my head and smiled. Someone said how do you get to that breaking point, to me I thinks you have hit a time in your life that its not worth living for and your not afraid to leave this world. We all got a trigger, and some are willing to pull it, I don't know, will to live is gone. What I really hate is when you take another life with you. Not the case here thank goodness.

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    Generally, life insurance WILL pay if the policy had been in force for at least 2 yrs. After 2yrs ""Incontestable Clause" kicks in

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    Quote Originally Posted by desertrat View Post
    Nah, you could. Just grab a heavy object and jump into deep water. Go down and stay down as long as you can. You'll never see the top again. Sure wouldn't be my choice of ways to die though. Very uncomfortably few minutes there.
    that's the point, people might jump in, but that survival instinct kicks and they would drop the weight and surface - still might die, but they would be fighting for their life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vraiblonde View Post
    It is my experience that most people are not interested in actually thinking about things or discussing them. Their bag of tricks only includes freaking out and accusing others of being "mean". That's how we got the iron-fisted government we have - mindless reactionaries and Mommies of the World.

    My impression is that their lives have so little meaning that they feel this overwhelming need to prove to strangers how "compassionate" and "empathetic" they are, while being hateful and ugly to anyone who disagrees with them. They think they are important enough to save the world and every human beingin in, not to mention control the earth's climate. They "care".

    I find it tedious

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    Quote Originally Posted by aps45819 View Post
    Did they ever find this guy or will he become a crabbing hot spot this summer?
    The stuff cheerleaders do on hardwood, it absolutely blows my mind - Joe Biden
    Quote Originally Posted by Baz View Post
    -Illegals who are already here can stay, provided they haven't committed any crimes.

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