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Thread: Hollyrock Diesel Douchebags - step in

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete View Post
    i have often wondered how in the hell these young people can afford 1. A $50k truck, 2. The $10k in mods to it and 3. To replace the tires they burn up and the diesel fuel they consume by the bucket load puffing black smoke up and down the road.

    They are rampant in leonardtown. Roaring up and down the road belching smoke like locomotives.
    buy used,diesels make tons of power it only takes a 1000.00$ tuner to unleash it and gas milage goes up when you do unleash the power but that is no reason to be a richard head in public.sometime or another they will get caught and be punished for being that richard head!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrashTest View Post
    You can go for 1000 years and it won't matter. A Hollyrock Diesel Douchebag will still be a Douchebag.
    you are the king pin of all of the HDD guys

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    Last night a friend told me that this thread lived on to 60+ pages. I had to jump on here today and see for myself. Damn, guess it touched a nerve.
    Just Say No to Career Politicians!

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    Copper colored Ford with graphics down the side using the right hand turn lane to bypass traffic yesterday afternoon around 1600. Had a Hollyrock Diesel Douchebag sticker in the rear window. Go figure
    Chicago is famous for pizza and corrupt politicians.
    Obama isn't a pizza

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