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I just did this!!!! I was told by the guy at best buy that most TV's manufactured in the last 15 years have this HDMI port. I plugged in a roku, and my brother installed an HD antenna (for local channels)...BUT you can stream CBS All access and get the live local channel. I love it. My Direct TV went from $110, now I use Netflix, CBS all access and pay less than 15.00. Now that Verizon offers unlimited data, that makes it great. I couldn't do it until they offered unlimited data, since I don't have cable and FIOS isn't offered in north beach where I'm at.
So let me understand - you get your TV via Verizon's unlimited data? What kind of reception do you get for Verizon in North Beach?
Also - are you using a specialized device for transmitting your wi-fi with Verizon - or your phone?

I would LOVE to do this - but in Hollywood, Verizon coverage is spotty and from experience, it fades in and out a lot.