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Thread: Smoked salmon

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    "Is Uncle Monello homeless?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Railroad View Post
    Tried smoking a salmon once. Took a Bernz-o-Matic torch to get the dayum thing lit, and then I coughed for 20 minutes.
    Getting it lit? First please explain how you rolled it up in those little papers.
    If all you are gonna do is give me grief about what I post DON'T READ IT Heh? Have a nice day :-D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monello View Post
    Having too much ammunition in the house is like having too much fuel in your aircraft; the only time you have too much is when you're on fire.

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    I smoked some bluefish a few years ago. Yum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monello View Post
    Here's a thread on how I prepare smoked salmon.
    Sounds great, but honestly, too much work for me.

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    I didn't think Zig-Zag and Tops made papers that big.

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