Koch Brothers Donate Huge Sum To Hospital. THOSE GREEDY BASTARDS.

I swear, liberals can be such total morons.

According to this, the eeeeeeevil Koch brothers donated $100 million to help fund the soon-to-be-built David H Koch Center at New York's Presbyterian Hospital, the largest donation in that hospital's history. The hospital's expansion will likely create a bunch of new jobs for nurses, and according to this, will increase care for digestive diseases, cancer and other conditions. So what do the moonbats in the New York State Nurses' Association, a local SEIU union, and the NAACP do in resposne? Why, they marched in protest about it over the weekend.

Because Koch brothers!

This is how ridiculous progressives have become. A cancer survivor who champions healthcare issues donates the biggest amount of money ever to this hospital, and the liberals (many of whom this expansion will HELP) PROTEST, simply because they don't like his politics.