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Thread: What's it doing where?

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    SMOW - I just wanted to say smow
    Its a shame youth is wasted on young people

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    And I just got a message that District Court in St. Mary's County is closed.
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    I Need a Life
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    Quote Originally Posted by wubbles View Post
    Kinda surprised the base didn't delay until noon. It's worse out there today than it had been the two times there was restricted access.
    And you are surprised? I told everyone yesterday that they need to be ready to drive into work after a 2 hour delay. They already lost enough money with the other closings. Now its time to pay the piper!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris0nllyn View Post
    It was a crappy drive to PG County.

    I'd have stayed home if I didn't have a deadline.

    from National Harbor to Hollywood, I only saw pavement twice .... both times on treated hills .

    my commute was 0530 - 0700 ... took an extra half hour driving 20 - 45 the whole way ....
    We’re tempted to suggest a conspiracy here — but it’s just liberals agreeing yet again that conservatives have hidden, evil motives, because modern liberals simply can’t conceive of any other reason to disagree with the liberal consensus.

    “Moral precepts are constant through the ages and not obedient to circumstances.”

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    Still snowing on the Calvert side of the Patuxent River. I can't see the Naval Base across the river either. We have gotten maybe a little over 4" now.
    You have become responsible forever, for what you have tamed. "Antoine de Saint Exupery"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SG_Player1974 View Post
    And you are surprised? I told everyone yesterday that they need to be ready to drive into work after a 2 hour delay. They already lost enough money with the other closings. Now its time to pay the piper!
    Will make up some hours so the piper does not get it all. Who is the piper anyway, I'd like to kick his/or her azz one day.

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    On and off direct sunshine here, temps mid 60's, fog lifting from the bay and Gulf, small chance of rain.

    Oh, well.......There's lots of hotel rooms and things to do here to push Fl over the 100 million visitor mark in 2015.

    Ya'lls come on down now, ya heah?
    "In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress." John Adams

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    Quote Originally Posted by awpitt View Post
    Smooth ride for me too. If people drive according to the conditions, the roads are fine.
    Have to agree with you 100%. Roads were not really that bad but I saw some real idiot drivers

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwillia View Post
    Twitter feed is reporting a number of accidents in St. Mary's... including the Wawa in Mechanicsville. Frequency of accident reports is increasing at a good pace. I'm thinking folks are pulling up their accuweather which currently says "cloudy" for Leonardtown and hitting the roads like normal. Accuweather is also still claiming 1-3 total and we are already at the 4 inch mark in Leonardtown and steady snow falling. You've gotta love people's dependency on technology over simply looking out the window...
    We had almost 4" in Brandywine before I left around 10am, and it was STILL snowing.
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