Due to recent weather-related school closings, Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) has changed some calendar dates for next week. Interim reports for students will now be issued on Wednesday, March 4. The window for post-test assessments has been extended to Monday, March 2. Schools may also postpone the start of PARCC, Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, testing to March 4.

Staring this school year, PARCC assessments replace the Maryland School Assessment (MSA) exams in reading and math, and the High School Assessments (HSA) in English II and Algebra I. PARCC exams that start next week include the first part of PARCC testing, which is the performance-based assessment (PBA). For the English/language arts portion, students will read several passages and be required to write responses, including evidence that can be used to make a persuasive argument. The mathematics PBA requires students to solve problems, express math reasoning and apply concepts to solve real-world problems.

The second part of PARCC testing is the end-of-year assessment (EOY), which will be administered in April and May. Students will be required to demonstrate content specific skills and knowledge by answering a series of multiple-choice questions. PARCC assessments also include accommodations for students with disabilities and English Language Learners.

CCPS has a resource page on the website, http://www.ccboe.com/academics/parcc/index.php, which features information about PARCC assessments.