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Thread: Road Conditions

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    Quote Originally Posted by SEABREEZE 1957 View Post
    I left at 10:00 AM from Chesapeake Virginia & just got home. Route 17--->Route 301--->Route 234. Not a good day to be driving at all.
    One of our FST folks is supposed to be coming up from Cherry Point today, similar route. Hope she's okay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrashTest View Post
    Wildehood has ice in the driveways. Once you're on the regular roads, no issues. 235 is no different than driving in rain. So much chemical stuff out there.
    deck, driveway and walk all had ice earlier. Driveway was fine around 11, I knocked some of the ice off the deck and it has not pulled a refreeze - yet. I'll have to do another walk around to see how the walk is.
    Not putting any deicer down until I see what mother nature is going to leave behind. No sense washing it off into the soil now.
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    Been running all day "routine" not turning on lights and sirens. Too many folks see the lights, the slam on the brakes, or pull over to fast on the shoulder. It was a lot worse this am, main roads are not to bad now, but if temps drop, we are going to re freeze, big time...

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    Not road conditions but i cleared the ice off of one the windows on my truck about an hour ago and it is icing back over already, still have some ice in the driveway. Temps are suppose to drop to 28 tonight and all the roads are wet , should be am interesting commute in the morning. I am willing to bet 2 hour delay for school openings.
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    Headed out in a bit in search of a gourmet meal - will report back on road conditions upon my SAFE return.

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    s. calvert

    Just went out. Little cove point rd was,slushy and slippery. Cove point, truman blvd wet but fine. Parkn lots are slippery and sidewalks trecherous. Trucks laying salt, if it ices up 2nite, it'll be nasty mon am.

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    Feel for you all. We are having a very mild winter. Probable rain tonight and tomorrow.

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    Really expected more stuff like SoMd gets. Not so much the ice though

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    Quote Originally Posted by desertrat View Post
    Really expected more stuff like SoMd gets. Not so much the ice though
    Ice sucks.
    Quote Originally Posted by kom526 View Post
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    I thank your divine intervention that I was not drinking anything when I read this post.

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    Many areas are likely this:

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