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Thread: Blue Crabs baseball 1000 hermit crab giveaway

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    Blue Crabs baseball 1000 hermit crab giveaway

    What's your take on the Blue Crabs giving away 1000 hermit crabs on opening day? I think it's a bad idea all around. Most of these animals will end up dead in no time. From what I seen on the news last night the Blue Crabs are not not backing down. I love all animals and hate to see any suffer, I wouldn't attend this event.

    This is a letter from the Hermit Crab Association (who knew they had one!)

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    Feb 2008
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    I agree. i think it is a bad idea to give out hermit crabs.
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    I am against giving out live animals as incentives or prizes.

    But I find it hysterical that hermit crabs have their own advocacy group.
    "Too much agreement kills a chat."
    ~Eldridge Cleaver

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    Salt Life Chasey_Lane's Avatar
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    They are the "Blue Crabs" and should be giving away a bushel to the first 1000 fans.
    A reply from you to this message will not be possible. I can't have an adult conversation w/ you in this environment anyhow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chasey_Lane View Post
    They are the "Blue Crabs" and should be giving away a bushel to the first 1000 fans.
    BEST IDEA EVER! We should start a petition.

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    Lawful neutral Misfit's Avatar
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    Sheesh...I'm glad they're not the SOMD Tigers.
    “Lose with the effort of a champion” - Rich Franklin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chasey_Lane View Post
    They are the "Blue Crabs" and should be giving away a bushel to the first 1000 fans.
    they would have to be already steamed.... if not.... they would be alive
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    but you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs.

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    Guess they could cancel the live Hermit Crabs and hire a bunch of 3 dollar hookers then people can still leave with crabs...

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    if you will John Z's Avatar
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    Their Facebook post announcing the giveaway (complete with teaser posts running several days up to the announcement) blew up with hundreds of replies. Funny reading!

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    I like hermit crabs but i just cant see this being a good idea.

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