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Thread: So...what are you reading lately?

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    Just finished up a book on Lincoln's early years, from birth through 1848. And a fascinating book on Teddy Roosevelt "Colonel Roosevelt", just before that one. Now reading this: Illustrated Gettysburg Reader
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    Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet. It's a good history of Luther and what Saxon Germany was like at the time of the Reformation.
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    I just finished re-reading Kitty Kelley's bio of President Oprah. Now I'm re-reading Hollywood Wives by Jackie Collins - another oldie. Once I've consumed enough junk I'll move on to something more substantial.
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    Just started a new one, "The Darkness Beneath" murder mystery, pretty good so far. My daughter started a book club in her neighborhood, I'll get some titles from her and share.

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    Policing Saigon by Loren Christensen. Well written stories. If you served you will relate to many of the examples he gives about fellow service members, high ranks, local nationals, etc.

    Not that I doubted any of his stories but I did some additional research on a few of his tales.
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    The Shweinfurt Raid in WWII and what a complete disaster it was for the US Army Air Force. Although the mission was considered a success, the terrible loss of men (600 were lost in those few hours), and 60 bombers lost, for a mission deemed successful, was a cluster screw up from the start, and still haunts the Army.
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