Greetings all,

As forum-generated emails to you bounce back to us as undeliverable, we will be disabling the respective user accounts.

Please check the email address you have on file and update it to something current if need be.

--- Go to Settings (at the very top right of the page)

--- Then in the left column, click the link to edit email address.

IMPORTANT. When you change the email address, the system will immediately send you an email with a validation link which you must click on to validate that the new address you specified is indeed valid and owned by you. This is to prevent people from specifying any old bogus address. If you do not validate the change, you will be able to login to your account, but you will have no privs.

What to do if your account is disabled?

Send an email to support --at-- from the email address you want to use on your account and specify:

-- Your username
-- Your old email address

Please do not send the email from one address and then ask us to update your account with some third address. Also, we are fully aware of disposable email addresses and will suspend accounts that use them.

Finally, fear not, as anyone who has been on here for any period of time can attest, we will not spam you. We're simply too busy and don't see the point in it anyway.