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Thread: Feline Pet-ema

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    Quote Originally Posted by frequentflier View Post
    Only a vet should give an enema, IMHO. If it is a urinary issue, I am not sure why you would want to give an enema anyways. If the cat is constipated or plugged up with a hairball, that is one thing. Urinary is another.
    Pepper's does sell a herbal remedy for cat urinary issues and I have been using it on my older boy, Luther, for about 2 years. Where the vet said he was not fully blocked but may become blocked, he has had no issues. Although I have 5 house cats, he and another cat have their own room and I can monitor the litter box easier since it is the two of them. He is sitting next to me purring as I write this
    I guess my post was a little confusing. When we first noticed he was having issues going to the bathroom, we thought it was constipation as he was acting like he was trying to go #2, not #1. Later in the day when he was still having issues and in noticeable pain, we took him to APVES where he was diagnosed with a urinary blockage. So, it was a good thing that we didn't use an enema as obviously, that wasn't the issue.

    Unfortunately, he was supposed to be discharged last night but became blocked again so the catheter had to be put back in and they will be monitoring him for another few days.

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