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Thread: Plex / Infuse / Kodi

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    For anyone interested....

    My WDTV was aging. I was hitting maximum external disk size limits, problems with the library not updating properly, really poor support for BD disks, media not supported, not only no longer available to be purchased, but all software support has been dropped for a couple years now, even the WDTV forum I was a member of is gone.

    If you keep your own local library, you're probably aware of a product called DVDFab. I've been using it for years, great product. That company has now released their own version of a media play called the DVDFab Movie Server. It's based on v5 of Android, and can support up to 8TB of internal disk space, 4k video, but the disks can be removed and substituted, so there is virtually no limit to file storage. I just spent the past few days copying over my library of 5TB worth of movies with very few issues, and all resolvable. This product is light years beyond the WDTV.

    Still experimenting with it, but it's handled everything I've thrown at it. The library function works great. Solid hardware base with lots of I/O options. I even used my old WDTV over WiFi to access the movies and play them using the Movie Server for the library. Flawless, and that's saying something because the old WDTV had real issues streaming over WiFi. It will play just about anything but was specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the DVDFab ripper software. You can rip a movie on your PC and have the ISO file delivered directly to the Movie Server over your network where it will pull in all necessary meta info.

    The toughest part about the Movie Server is getting one. Not sold locally, so had to order it directly from China. Because of the price and country, my credit card got frauded a few times before we got it to go thru. But a week later I had it.
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