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Thread: New Scanner Page

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    Talking New Scanner Page

    Greetings all,

    I just refreshed the SCANNER page.

    I wanted to give the regular users a chance to look at it before I replaced the old page (I will leave the old page online, even after the swap)

    The new page is here:


    -- It uses our new format which is HTML5 based and has a responsive design (will transmorphulate to fit the screen size of your device). To see how this works, just grab the right edge of your browser window and slowly make the window smaller. At one point where the 2 columns can not fit comfortable side-by-side, the transmorphulation will occur and you will see one long column.

    -- The Calvert Scanner, run by Pepper's Pet Pantry, has been updated to an HTML5 player (it also has a fallback to Adobe Flash if HTML5 is not available). This player should work on just about any device, including mobile devices.

    If I can make time, I might make it so that you can either close or collapse any one of the scanner boxes.

    If anyone comes upon any issues, or has any suggestions (other than what you want me to insert into various orifices), just post a note here or PM me.

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    The new scanner page is now online. There is also a link to the old page for anyone who prefers it. The link will be going away, so please bookmark the old page if you wish to continue to use it.

    Each feed now has an HTML5-based player that should work on most modern devices, including mobile. For the non-technical folks, most players in the past were Adobe Flash based. Flash is going away for many reasons and it not supported on many mobile devices. HTML5 audio/video is supposed to be the modern solution.

    We have successfully tested the HTML5 player on an iPad and Samsung Android tablet. Since the page now has a responsive design, you won't have any problem viewing it on any device, even phones.

    I left the old Flash-based players from Broadcastify (formerly RadioReference) since they show the server status and number of listeners.

    There are also links to config files for each stream so you can play it on your iTunes, Windows Media player, or Real player, if you prefer it that way.

    There are also links on the page to information related to local public safety.
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