Age: 4 months
Gender: Male
Breed: Hound Mix
Size: Small
Status: Available

Clyde is currently in a loving foster home with a lab big brother! His foster mom has given us some insight on this adorable little Guy!
Loves treats and meals. Treats work for training. Loves to cuddle with stuffed animals and toys. Needs a "secure spot" in house. Another dog is a must. He loves to play with other dogs. Fenced yard a must. Will tolerate a crate for only short periods# Gets very verbal when he wants out. Will whimper, whine or bark when he needs to go out for potty. Still has puppy bladder, so don't wait too long to take him out. He is a cuddler, so would love to sleep in bed with you. Very skittish with new people. Warms up with patience, time and a soft hand.


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