Man Unsurprisingly Crashes And Is Seriously Injured In 115 MPH Freeway Livestream

As you can see, most of the video is of him driving, mouthing song lyrics, making faces, inspecting his own ability to move his tongue, and, while not the most scintillating of live videos, shows hes just as much of a dork when alone in his car as anyone. Except hes got one hand on his phone live-streaming his own face while hes driving 110+ mph in traffic, which, again, is idiotic and dangerous and for ####s sake why are you doing this, you idiot?

Olio-Rojas lost control of his Civic, because of course he did, and ended up spinning out, hitting a dump truck, and then crashing into the Jersey barrier. The live-streamed video ends just before he lost control of the car.