" ABOARD THE SUPERCARRIER CARL VINSON (Tribune News Service) — Strolling through 3rd Fleet’s headquarters in San Diego, Vice Adm. Nora Tyson walks by walls lined with photos of William “Bull” Halsey, the legendary World War II commander who witnessed the 1945 surrender of Imperial Japan aboard his flagship ship Missouri.

She passes through a conference room named after him. Halsey’s six crystal snifters for downing boilermakers are mounted in a case there. Nearly an entire wall in her adjoining office is draped in Halsey’s five-star admiral flag.

Often outnumbered by more powerful Japanese forces, Halsey turned the 3rd Fleet sailors into daring, nimble and ruthless exponents of his motto — “hit hard, hit fast, hit often.”
Deactivated at the end of the war, the 3rd Fleet was resurrected in 1973. Although it controlled all Navy forces on the West Coast, whenever one of its aircraft carrier groups crossed the International Date Line, it was turned over to the Navy’s 7th Fleet.

Until now.

Steaming west since Thursday, 3rd Fleet’s Carrier Strike Group One will remain under Tyson’s command when it enters the Western Pacific, once Halsey’s hunting grounds.

The brainchild of Adm. Scott H. Swift, the current commander of all Navy forces in the Pacific, “Third Fleet Forward” is supposed to spark synergy between Tyson’s command and the 7th Fleet. The Navy’s goal is to make both more efficient by allowing them to conduct operations independently, Tyson said. "