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Thread: CBS News Ben Swann does a "Reality Check" on Pizzagate

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    Quote Originally Posted by This_person View Post
    Nor did it involve baseball. But, it DID involve media coverups of inconvenient truths about favored politicians.

    Patently false. We've seen multiple occasions where neighbors had no idea there were mass murderers, or multiple abductees, etc., in a home. We know businesses do things other than their business and no one catches it. So, no, not true at all.
    This restaurant is full of parents and their children every night it is open. Don't you think rich powerful people could afford to find a place that is less conspicuous ?

    Your question was why I think there needs to be an investigation.

    • Pizza and handkerchiefs? What is that about? He had a handkerchief that had a map of pizza places in Manhattan on it. Why is that so bizarre?
    • Podesta actually references the specific spot. Not in and of itself an issue – he’s friends with the owner – but what about the handkerchief thing with that?
    • Symbology. I would not have believed it until I saw it in the video. That is the least convincing part. To believe that the neighborhood restaurants are in on it too. One logo was for rest cancer awareness and looked nothing like the pedophelia symbol. • I did not research the pictures from the Instagram archive, but when the TV station says they can’t put them up or even describe them, that’s rather disturbing. Not really. If you go on intsagram you will see dozens of images that wouldn't be aired on prime time tv
    • Naked teenage pictures in the podesta houses. This I hadn't heard about. Can you provide a link?
    • What drove the guy to go into the parlor in the first place with the rifle?
    He was a whack job who believed all the same stuff you do and wanted to "save all the children locked in the basement"

    How many did he save?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalvertNewb View Post
    He was a whack job who believed all the same stuff you do and wanted to "save all the children locked in the basement"

    How many did he save?
    The reference to the pictures is in the OP.

    Why would you automatically assume he was a nutjob?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalvertNewb View Post
    How many did he save?
    None. They were all at Podestas house by that time.

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